Delhi - Worshiper at Humayun's Tomb.


Worshiper at Humayun's Tomb


Ellen Fisch's Photography Journey, India


Historic India preserved in black and white architecture
The Vitality of India celebrated in dynamic color

Sepia and black and white architectural photography have been the focus of my career as a photographer and artist for many years. Throughout my life I have taken many solo photography trips to explore the art of architecture and the cultures that created it.

In the autumn of 2015 I traveled to India to photograph architectural styles that were completely unfamiliar to me as it would be my first trip to that part of the world. I greatly anticipated taking pictures there of the magnificent temples, forts, palaces and dwellings I had only seen in books, films and on my computer screen.

When I arrived in India, the beauty and intricacy of India's architectural treasures surpassed my expectations. I was instantly drawn to a grandeur that was at the same time intimate. Even tiny lean-tos and sheds are fashioned with artistry: looped with flowers, ornamented with varied building materials, painted brightly with colors that collide in the most enchanting ways. And as I immediately began to immerse myself in chronicling the extraordinary architectural aesthetic of the cities I visited in India, I became aware of the living art of the people in their daily activities. The vibrant dynamic of India's people juxtaposed with its historic architecture inspired me to create a photography book detailing my travels through my camera's lens.

The following photographs are a sampling from my photography and art journey to India. The black and white photographs of timeless architecture and the color photographs of life in India express my encounter with a world of many dimensions, all layered in India's seamless integration of past, present and future traditions.