Architectural Photography: Captured Moments of History and Beauty
black and white/ sepia photographs by Ellen Fisch

Architecture is the defining theme of the black and white and sepia photographs created by Ellen Fisch. Through Ellen's images of architecture, a timeless motif emerges that captures the history and beauty of form and craftsmanship. "The elements of architecture reflect civilizations: past, present and future," says Ellen Fisch.

Ellen Fisch was born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC. The extraordinary building boon during the 1950's gave Ellen an opportunity to witness a fusion of older architecture, new ideas in building and the modernization incorporating the old and new in NYC. This exciting time of architecture and design strongly influenced young Ellen's imagination. Early on her fascination for visual arts drew Ellen to many aesthetics, such as photography, architecture, museum paintings, magazine illustrations and nature. Ellen began to incorporate many of these into her own photographs, drawings and paintings. Throughout her childhood Ellen evolved as a photographer and an artist, using photography, drawing and painting to communicate her artistic expression.

After finishing school, Ellen Fisch entered the field of architecture and design as a draftsman. Nights and on weekends, Ellen free-lanced as a photographer and commissioned painter. Ultimately, Ellen combined her passion for photography, architecture and art into a career of creating architectural photography and architectural fine art photography. Devoted to the aesthetic of architecture, Ellen shares her appreciation of its design, form and line through her photography. Most recently, Ellen has furthered her architectural art photography by using a technique that she innovated and trademarked: novoimago. This rare process of applying traditional fine arts by hand onto a photograph and then gilding the image has garnered Ellen much praise.

Ellen Fisch shows her fine art architectural photography, novoimago, extensively. She licenses her images for poster art and other brands. Ellen's architectural photography also appears in magazines, web publications, books and cards. "The opportunity to communicate my love of architecture through my photography is a gift. Often people say that my images cause them to really see architecture and art around them. That makes me happy!"