Ellen Fisch is a photographer specializing in black and white and sepia architectural photographs. Her architectural subjects invite the viewer to explore unique and rewarding ways to connect with the many fascinating aspects of architecture. Ellen weaves her knowledge of architecture and art into her passion for photography to create timeless and alluring photographs.

The black and white and sepia architectural photographic images created by Ellen Fisch enhance public and private spaces. Home, office or public spaces will be more impressive and appealing with the additions of Ellen Fisch's architecture photography. Choose from numerous black and white and sepia architectural images or commission your own personal photograph. Most recently, Ellen Fisch has trademarked her one-of-a-kind novoimago artworks, which may also be purchased directly by contacting Ellen. Novoimago is a rare process of combining photographs printed on fine art surface with traditional fine art media. Ellen Fisch developed this unusual technique by successfully combining her photography and fine arts background with her individual sense of aesthetic.

"Photography, Architecture and Art in combination provide memorable wonders for the eye" -- Ellen Fisch